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Seirus Windstopper Blizzard Insulated Leather Glove
Seirus Windstopper Blizzard Insulated Leather Glove
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Seirus Windstopper Blizzard Insulated Winter Glove

The Seirus Blizzard Blizzard is a winter glove thatdoes an excellent job of keeping your hands warm and comfortable, even infrigid conditions. This glove is ideal for anyone who works outside in thewinter, from police officers to airport personnel. The Windstopper soft shelltechnology keeps the cold wind out and your body heat in, so you’ll be warm andcomfortable even in the howling wind. A leather shell provides superior strengthand durability, preventing the wear and tear that destroys other gloves. Thelining is brushed Bemburg and Windstopper, to provide a second line of defenseagainst the icy wind.

This insulated glove is reinforced in the placeswhere ordinary gloves wear out, so they’re perfect for working outdoors in thecold. The palm is amara with silicone grip, which prevents things from slippingout of your hands. The stretch neoprene cuff not only provides a comfortablefit, but stops the cold air from getting into the glove at your wrist. If youwant total protection against the winter wind, then Seirus Windstopper Blizzardis the glove for you. Order yours today.

Seirus Windstopper Blizzard Insulated GloveFeatures:

  • Windstopper softshell
  • Leather construction for durability and comfort
  • Windstopper lining with brushed Bemburg
  • Amara palm with silicone grip
  • Microfleece cuff

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