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Adjustable Marksman Zombie Splat Slingshot
Adjustable Marksman Zombie Splat Slingshot
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Zombie Defense Adjustable Slingshot

You never know when the all-feared zombie virus is going to be unleashed in your neighborhood, so take precautions and prepare yourself with the Marksman Zombie Splat Adjustable slingshot! The zombie defense weapon is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and stability. The hyper-velocity band that is featured on your undead defense tool increases the speed of the shot ammo by 30% without an increase in effort. So, while saving your precious and much-needed energy, you can still pack a major punch to the undead. Included in your purchase is 6 green glass marbles; practice ammo for the zombie apocalypse!

Marksman Zombie Splat Slingshot Weapon Features:

  • Fully adjustable for maximum comfort and stability
  • Hyper-velocity band; 30% increase in velocity with less effort
  • 6 Green Glass Marbles Included

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