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My credit card statement says I've been charged more than once for my order! What's up?


99% of the time, YOU HAVE ONLY BEEN CHARGED ONCE. This is an extremely frustrating situation for our customers as well as the eCommerce industry. This problem is attributed to the way that banks verify billing information and reserve funds from consumers for online transactions. The financial industry requires fund verification/fund reservation BEFORE address verification occurs. It works like this:

  1. You enter your credit card information into the payment page and submit for payment
  2. Your bank or credit card company is contacted to see if your funds are available.
  3. If funds are available, the bank or credit card company authorizes the amount, and reserves that amount and attaches an "authorization code" to the amount.
  4. AFTER the funds are verified, your name, address, and billing info are then sent to a separate Address Verification System (AVS) for validation.
  5. If you entered any incorrect billing information, the AVS system rejects the verification and you are instructed to correct your billing information and submit it again.
  • The Result: because the funds are reserved, banks assume your card will eventually be charged for each attempt. A new and unique authorization number is granted for a charge on every attempt.


  • The Problem: The financial industry requires fund verification/holding funds before address verification occurs. There has already been an authorization granted and funds held on the first payment attempt! This can happen over and over again - resulting in multiple authorizations/fund reservation, regardless of whether an order actually gets through.

    Harry's Army Surplus has absolutely NO CONTROL over the fund verification/AVS process or this problem.
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