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Bates Womens Nitro 8-inch Side Zip Tactical Boots - 2749
Bates Womens Nitro 8-inch Side Zip Tactical Boots - 2749
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Bates Womens Nitro 2749 8-inch Side Zip Uniform Boots

This item is discontinued.

Never worry again about aching feet at the end of a long duty shift with the Bates 2749 8-inch side zip uniform boots. Bates made the Women's Delta Nitro 8-inch Tactical boots to be as comfortable as they are durable. Made with top quality materials and the best in comfort technology, these ladies uniform boots are sure to keep you on your feet all day long.

Designed with police, paramedics, and other first responders in mind, Bates built the Women's 8-inch Nitro Side Zip Tactical boots to be lightweight and durable. The uppers are made with full grain black leather with nylon mesh. The leather makes these boots tough and gives them a sharp look. The mesh inserts help to cut down on weight without sacrificing durability and keep the boots breathable so your feet stay cool even when you're most active. A handy YKK side zipper that makes the boots easy to get on quickly so you can jump into action. The slip and oil resistant rubber outsole is designed to give these uniform boots the traction you need in nearly any environment. Cement construction connects the outsoles to the uppers, making a very flexible boot that won't come apart.

These boots combine Bate's advanced technologies to provide the ultimate in comfort. These women's tactical boots are made with a breathable lining that lets air move in and out, keeping your feet cool. Under your feet is an EVA midsole that works to absorb shock and features a built in TPU stabilizer for extra support. The main feature of the Bates Nitro is the Individual Comfort System Plus or iCS+, a unique comfort system that lets you customize your comfort level. The iCS+ combined with a minimal heel drop results in a more efficient transfer of energy, reducing impact on the joints in your feet, ankles, and knees. All of this means less fatigue at the end of the day making you and your feet happy.

It's time to get a pair of boots that work as hard as you do. The womens Bates 2349 Nitro 8-inch Side Zip Uniform Boots have what it takes to keep you on your feet so go ahead, order these boots online today!

What is the Bates Individual Comfort System and what is iCS good for?

Look inside the Bates Nitro, and you'll find the Bates Individual Comfort System, or iCS. This innovative, multi-layer comfort system is designed to give you maximum support for all day work. For the Delta Nitro tactical boots, Bates has given the iCS system an overhaul to improve the already excellent comfort it provides. The iCS+ still uses the removable disk built into the insole to let you choose your preferred level of comfort and performance. The disk rotates among four zones so you can control firmness, cushioning, inward stability and outward stability. That means you get personalized support, shock absorption and motion stability. And now that it's combined with a heel and arch stabilizer, cushioned midsole, and 10 mm heel drop that promotes natural foot position, these women's uniform boots provide stability, balance, comfort, and alignment. Not only will this allow you to leave work feeling better but over time, you won't experience the same cumulative aches and pains that result from a career spent wearing poorly fitting shoes.

Bates 2749 Womens 8-inch Nitro Tactical Boot Features:

  • Full grain leather and lightweight mesh upper
  • iCS+ Adjustable Comfort Technology
  • Breathable lining
  • Airport friendly, non metallic hardware
  • YKK Side Zipper
  • EVA midsole with TPU stabalizer
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Cement construction

Bates 2749 Uniform Boots Sizes Manufactured:

  • Women's Medium Width: 5 - 10, 11

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