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Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit Kit
Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit Kit
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Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit

When you're out hunting or on a covert paintball mission, make sure you stay concealed with this Bushrag Ghillie Suit. Modeled after classic military style camo suits, this woodland camo ghillie can be worn as an upright suit or as a crawling ghille to provide the very best concealment. Conceal your whole body without limiting your mobility, and add natural vegetation from the environment you're in for the very best camouflage. Don't get caught out in the open, order this Camouflage Bushrag Ghillie Suit online today!

Bushrag Complete Ghillie Suit Kit Features:

  • Intended for stalking behind bushes while hunting
  • Covers head, shoulders, upper arms and torso
  • Natural vegetation can be added
  • Can be configured to be worn upright or as a military style crawling ghillie

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