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Running Cadences of the US Armed Forces CD
Running Cadences of the US Armed Forces CD
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Running Cadences of the US Armed Forces CD

This CD contains the best of the best in military running cadences from all branches of the US Armed Forces! Listen to your favorite cadences from the Navy, Army, and Marines. The 27 tracks of high pace cadences that are sure to get you moving. This is a great CD to work out to anytime and anywhere. Also makes a great gift for you favorite veteran or anyone currently enlisted in the armed forces.

No portable CD player? No problem, you can easily rip the music off of this military CD and put your favorite cadences onto your iPod or MP3 player.

Running Cadences of U.S. Armed Forces Track List:

1. Marine Corps (Marine) 2. R-A-N-G-E-R (Army Ranger) 3. Bravo Co (Navy) 4. Hey, Hey Everyday (Air Force) 5. Here Comes Charlie (Air Force) 6. Swift, Silent, Deadly (Recon Marines) 7. Look Out N.A.B. (Navy Seals) 8. Hey There We're Going To Fly (Air Force) 9. Elvis (Airborne) 10. Hey (Airborne) 11. Pain! (Marine) 12. Alto Bravo (Air Force) 13. Here We Go, All The Way (Marine) 14. Easy Run (Navy) 15. Roll Call (Army Ranger) 16. M-A-R-I-N-E-C-O-R-P-S (Marine) 17. Joined The Air Force (Air Force) 18. Seal Team (Navy Seals) 19. Airborne (Army Airborne) 20. Left, Right (Army) 21. Mama If You Could See Me Now (Navy) 22. Recon (Recon Marines) 23. C130 (Navy Seals) 24. Here We Go (Airborne Ranger) 25. Super Paratrooper (Airborne) 26. Green Grass (Marine)

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