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Harry's Army Surplus is Dearborn and Metropolitan Detroit's best shop for Carhartt Jackets and Coats. We carry big sizes!

Carhartt Duck Arctic Traditional Coat
C03 - Brown or Black

Carhartt Sandstone Arctic Traditional Coat
C26 - Moss or Black
Carhartt Extreme Arctic Traditional Coat
C55 - Black
Carhartt Waterproof Breathable Coat
C72 - Black
Carhartt Sandstone Jackson Coat
C72 - Dark Brown or Black

Carhartt Sandstone Active Jacket
J130 - Moss or Brown

Carhartt Extremes Arctic Active Jacket
J133 - Black
Carhartt Duck Active Jacket
J130 -  Black or Brown
Carhartt Sandstone Bomber Jacket
J165 - Brown or Black
Carhartt Textured Fleece Jacket
J165 - Black
Carhartt Insulated Waterproof Breathable Jacket
J175 - Black
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