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Low Profile Cruisermate Public Safety Clipboard
Low Profile Cruisermate Public Safety Clipboard
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Low Profile Cruiser-Mate Clipboard

The Cruiser-Mate clipboard is ideal for police and other individuals who need their clipboard to hold more than just a few papers.

The low profile clip securely holds paper even on a windy day. This also means that you can store your clipboard in a saddle bag, seat pocket or backpack without worrying about your papers separating. To make it easier to access your items with just one hand, the Saunders Cruiser-Mate has a top opening design.

Inside, the Crusermate has two storage compartments that offer plenty space for your forms, office supplies other items. The top compartment is free floating and very easy to access. This makes it easy to separate used forms or other reports from the unused ones. The bottom tray is almost 1 inch deep and has a separate pen tray. Itíll keep all your larger items together such as your tablet, smartphone, keys and more. This tray is removable for even more storage if you need it.

The Cruiser-Mate has a unique clip that has a self-locking latch that keeps the compartments securely fastened. This preventing items from falling out at the most inconvenient times.

The Crusier-Mate low profile clipboard is manufactured in the USA from durable recycled aluminum with at least 50% post-consumer waste. This means that your clipboard is durable and environmentally friendly. On top of that, why not support your country by buying a clipboard that is made in the USA?

The lightweight and tough Cruise-Mate is much needed accessory for clipboard for law enforcement, public safety, military, health care workers, contractors, patrollers and anyone else who has a mobile office. This product is a handy tool to keep important papers neat, clean and organized.

  • Strong low profile clip with rubber grips holds up to 1/2" paper securely
  • Measures 8.5 inches by 12 inches
  • Made from durable recycled aluminum with at least 50 percent post-consumer waste
  • Two storage compartments offer a total of 1-1/2 inch capacity
  • Self-locking latch keeps the compartments securely fastened
  • The amount of storage makes it a perfect clipboard for Public Safety
  • TAA Compliant

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