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Coghlans Emergency Survival Horn
Coghlans Emergency Survival Horn
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Emergency Survival Horn from Coghlans

The Coghlan's Emergency Survival Horn is so loud, it would be impossible not to notice you when you use it. The Emergency horn operates with the simplicity of a mouth horn and blasts out a super loud audible sound up to 120 decibels. How loud is 120dB you ask? Well that's about the same volume as a rock concert or a jet engine! Simply blow into the small hole located on the side of the horn and the blast of sound will exit through the back of the horn through the dual chamber horn. The membrane on the emergency air horn can be easily replaced with any thin flexible film. Comes with SOS printed on the body and a black break-away lanyard making it easy to carry on you next camping or hiking trip.

Coghlans Emergency Signal Horn Features:

  • Features a stone and twig guard to protect the rubber membrane and comes with a break-away lanyard.
  • Durable polypropylene construction floats and is easily seen with the blaze orange color
  • Blares up to 120 decibels, the same volume as a jet engine

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