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Cold Steel Mini Lawman Plain Edge Folding Knife - 58ALM
Cold Steel Mini Lawman Plain Edge Folding Knife - 58ALM
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Cold Steel Mini Lawman Plain Edge Folding Knife - 58ALM

This item is discontinued.

The Cold Steel 58ALM Mini Lawman Folding Knife is built like a proverbial tank. This Cold Steel Knife is comfortable in the most extreme environments and will shrug off the harshest abuse like water off a duck's back. This is one super tough knife that can be relied on, even in life or death situations. And at a fraction of the weight and size of the full size American Lawman, this folder is easy to carry and conceal.

The 2.5 inch drop point blade is civilian friendly in appearance yet big, wide and most importantly, pointed enough for any cutting or piercing task. The Cold Steel 58ALM Folder is made from Japanese AUS 8a stainless steel and hollow ground to a thin, hand-polished edge. It's as sharp as a serpent's tooth and will easily sever the toughest, most fibrous materials. To further protect the Lawman from rust and the constant exposure to inclement weather, it comes with a black, non-reflective Teflon finish.

Since law enforcement officers never really know what is in store for them from one shift to the next, so the Cold Steel Mini Lawman's handle as versatile and user friendly as possible. Supplied with dual pocket clips and twin thumb studs, this Cold Steel folder is completely ambidextrous and can be opened one-handed in a flash. Plus, due to its well thought out finger grooves, it's equally comfortable and effective in either a forward or reverse grip and can be even choked up on for tasks requiring extra fine edge or point control.

Keeping a firm grip on their knife when their hands are cold, wet, tired or oily is also a major priority for law enforcement officers. That's why Cold Steel have equipped these knives with aggressively textured G-10 handle scales. They're lightweight, enormously strong, and most importantly offer terrific traction to the hand so the skin and flesh of the fingers will stick to them like glue.

Having the lock break on your folder is serious and may result in badly cut fingers, but if the lock fails on a police officer's knife, it could be a genuine disaster and result in loss of life or limb. That's why each Cold Steel Mini Lawman Folding knife features the new tri-ad locking mechanism. Designed to withstand terrific impact forces and weight loads transferred to it's mechanism from the edge, point and even back of the blade, it has passed with flying colors and never failed even once despite being subjected to the most gruesome torture testing scenarios devised.

Cold Steel Mini Lawman Plain Edge Folding Knife - 58ALM Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Blade Thickness: 3 mm
  • Blade Length: 2 1/2 in.
  • Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
  • Handle: 3 7/8 in. Long. G-10
  • Overall: 6 3/8 in.
  • Stainless Pocket Clip

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