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Black Collapsible Tactical Safety Goggles
Black Collapsible Tactical Safety Goggles
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Black Collapsible Tactical Safety Goggles

Designed for use while playing paintball, riding, and more activities, these black tactical safety goggles are lightweight yet durable. The lenses of these safety goggles are shatterproof, scratch resistant, and even provide the wearer with UV 400 protection. These shatterproof goggles are also collapsible so you have the ability to fold them in half for easy storage and carrying. Make sure you order a pair of these black safety goggles today!

Tactical Shatterproof Safety Goggles Features:

  • Lightweight padded frame
  • Ash blue shatterproof polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating
  • Folds in half for easy carry
  • Anti-fog
  • UV 400 Protection
  • 3/4" adjustable strap
  • CE Approved

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