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CRKT K.E.R.T Key Chain Multi-Tool
CRKT K.E.R.T Key Chain Multi-Tool
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CRKT K.E.R.T Key Chain Multi-Tool

Columbia River Knife and Tool teamed up with knife designer Ray Kirk to give you an essential tool made to live on your keychain. The Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool or KERT, is a nifty little multi-tool that might just save your life one day!

Designed to be carried on your keychain, the CRKT K.E.R.T measures under 3 inches long making it a big tool in a small package. The main feature of this multi tool is the seatbelt cutter. This strap cutter blade is recessed so you can safely and readily cut any seat belt, webbing, or clothing material you feed into it, without harming the surrounding area. Extremely useful, the seatbelt cutter is a great twine cutter too, making it at home on a farm as well as in the city. But there's much more to this key chain tool! Incorporated into the body of the tool is a flat head screw driver, bottle opener, and 1/4 inch hex wrench. The KERT Emergency Tool is great for EMT and paramedics too thanks to the built-in oxygen tank opener. For safety, this tool even comes with a form fitting vinyl sheath that fits snugly on the end of the tool but is easy to remove when you need it in a hurry. Whether you're using it on the job or just carrying it for everyday use, the CRKT Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool is sure to make your life a little bit easier.

Don't get caught unprepared, make sure you have CRKT K.E.R.T. on your key ring! Get one for every key ring you have, order yours online today!

CRKT Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool Features:

  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Oxygen tank opener
  • Bottle opener
  • 1/4 inch hex wrench
  • Includes a form fitting vinyl sheath and key ring

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