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Detroit Tactical Boots

Harry's Army Surplus in Dearborn, Michigan is the very best store for Tactical boots in Metropolitan Detroit. Tactical Boots, also known as uniform boots or police boots are black and provide support and flexibility while being much more lightweight than your typical military boot.

We provide metropolitan Detroit with a source for tactical boots from Bates, Magnum, Danner, Timberland and other brands. We're known for helping you to make the right decision. No more stressing over wondering whether Magnum boots are comfortable or worrying if Bates boots are long lasting, just drop in and our expert shoe fitters will help you get the boot that fits your intended use and foot shape the best.

Whether you're a police officer, EMT, Security worker, prison guard or just love the freedom of movement that tactical boots provide, we'll help you make the right decision. If you're just joining the academy, we've got you covered. We stock big sizes, wide widths and a better selection than any other store in Metropolitan Detroit. Ask anyone!

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