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G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil - 1/2 oz. Bottle
G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil - 1/2 oz. Bottle
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G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil-1/2 oz.

G96 is one of the most trusted names in gun care. Approved by the US Army, this synthetic gun oil the best quality gun lubricant you can get. Designed to meet any gun owners needs, this half ounce bottle of G96 CLP Gun oil is perfect to take with you everywhere you go, from the gun range to your next hunting trip.

So what does CLP stand for? Cleaning, Lubrication, and Protection! The G96 gun oil does everything you need to keep your weapon in perfect working order. The oil significantly improves clean up after firing, keeps your gun lubricated longer even under extreme conditions and works to protect and preserve the metal with continued use. If you're worried about environmental hazards this lubricant is biodegradable and contains no volatile organic compounds or VOCs. And it works in almost any environment, with an effective temperature range of -74F to 350F.

Keeping your gun clean and in working order could be the thing that saves your life one day. Keep yours looking sharp, order your half ounce bottle of G96 CLP Synthetic Gun Oil online today!

1/2 ounce Bottle of G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Lubricant Features:

  • U.S. Army approved, meets and exceeds Mil-Prf-63460e and Nato s-75
  • G96 synthetic clp gun oil is formulated for maximum gun and environmental protection. It is 85 percent biodegradable and contains no VOC's.
  • Safe for use on polymers.
  • Temperature: G96 synthetic gun oil is effective from -74F to +350F
  • .5 fl. oz bottle
  • Cleaner: Significantly improves clean up after firing
  • Lubricant: Original tolerances will be maintained longer under extreme conditions
  • Preservative: Unique combination of additives protect and bond to metal yet it is safer for the environment than most other additives.

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