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Hatch Black NOMEX Flight Tactical Glove - BNG190
Hatch Black NOMEX Flight Tactical Glove - BNG190
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Hatch Black Flame Resistant Nomex Flight Gloves

The Hatch Flight Glove Black glove is used by police, SWAT and law enforcement officers needing black tactical gloves throughout the world. These Hatch gloves have been modeled to US military specifications in virtually every detail and are part of the essential equipment used for military units and law enforcement agencies around the world. These flight gloves feature 100% Nomex fabric, providing flame and combustion resistance, while the durable leather provides a secure fit and comfort. These black flight gloves feature an over the wrist cuff, for increased protection.

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Hatch Tactical Gloves BNG190 Black Flight Glove

  • Constructed 100 percent Nomex fabric backs and sewing thread with heat and flash fire resistance
  • Nomex material will not support flame or combust up to 800 F, (427 C)
  • Durable, yet soft premium leather palms
  • Sewn entirely with Nomex thread
  • Available in Black (BNG190), Sage Green (BNG200), Desert Tan (BNG210), and Foliage (BNG220)
  • Hatch Gloves, Hatch Tactical Gloves

About Hatch Gloves:

Hatch Law Enforcement Gloves are designed for police officers, law enforcement and security personnel. These Tactical gloves are available in a wide variety of styles from classic thin-cut leather designs and cold weather patrol gloves to progressive styles featuring the latest in protective technology and materials. Hatch Flight Glove Black gloves are built to perform, providing the durability necessary for driving, riding, conducting searches or handling firearms. Hatch Gloves are of the finest quality and heavy-duty construction. This is why Hatch Law Enforcement products, and the Hatch BNG190 gloves in particular, are known and used throughout the world.

Hatch provides quality gloves and other protective gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation, and more. Its products are of the highest quality available in terms of materials, construction and durability. Hatch's market-driven designs incorporate the latest materials and technology for the highest levels of protection and durability available.

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