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Hatch Operator Coyote Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove - SOG-HK400
Hatch Operator Coyote Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove - SOG-HK400
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Hatch Coyote Operator Hard Knuckle Kevlar Cut Resistant Tactical Gloves

The Hatch Operator HK Coyote Nomex glove is used by Military personnel needing tan military gloves or tactical gloves throughout the world. This coyote Hatch tactical glove features hard knuckle protection and strategically placed high-density foam to provide superior protection from assailants and objects. Contrary to the remainder of the Operator HK line of gloves, the SOG-HK400 features Nomex, well known for its heat and flame resistance. This tactical glove is constructed with durable aniline goatskin leather with water resistance, as well as a moisture wicking lining. This Hatch tactical glove also features the convenience of the patented Hatch cut ring in index finger, allowing for easy removal of the index finger for more trigger control. The Hatch Operator HK would make be an ideal tactical glove for SWAT and other tactical teams, breachers, military ground combat and special forces.

Size Chart

Hatch Tactical Gloves SOG-HK400 Coyote Operator Hard Knuckle Kevlar Glove

  • Wrist length with hook and loop closure for a secure fit
  • Durable aniline goatskin with a water-resistant leather treatment to keep hands dry
  • High density foam for full finger protection; exclusive lateral finger protection
  • SOGHK-400 contains 100 percent Nomex; SOGHK-300 and SOGHK-350 contain 100 percent Kevlar
  • Wicking properties of Kevlar/Nomex pull moisture away from the hands to keep them cool in hot environment
  • Patented Hatch Cut-Ring in index finger allows optional removal of the index finger for trigger control, without unraveling the remaining edge
  • Reduces IR signature
  • Perfect for all SWAT and tactical teams, breachers; military ground combat forces in mechanized vehicles and Special Forces
  • Hatch Gloves, Hatch Coyote Gloves, Hatch Military Gloves, Desert Gloves

About Hatch Gloves:

Hatch Law Enforcement Gloves are designed for police officers, law enforcement and security personnel. These Tactical gloves are available in a wide variety of styles from classic thin-cut leather designs and cold weather patrol gloves to progressive styles featuring the latest in protective technology and materials. Hatch Operator HK Coyote Nomex gloves are built to perform, providing the durability necessary for driving, riding, conducting searches or handling firearms. Hatch Gloves are of the finest quality and heavy-duty construction. This is why Hatch Law Enforcement products, and the Hatch SOG-HK400 gloves in particular, are known and used throughout the world.

Hatch provides quality gloves and other protective gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation, and more. Its products are of the highest quality available in terms of materials, construction and durability. Hatch's market-driven designs incorporate the latest materials and technology for the highest levels of protection and durability available.

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