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McNett Tactical Sewing Kit - Compact Uniform Repair Kit
McNett Tactical Sewing Kit - Compact Uniform Repair Kit
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McNett Tactical Sewing Kit

Don't let a ripped uniform slow you down on job or out in the field. The McNettTactical Sewing Kit is designed specifically for tactical professionals. Thiscompact sewing kit is easy to carry in your gear, stash in your desk or carry with youanywhere just in case. This tactical uniform repair kit features high-quality thread, military buttons, sewing needles, straight pins, safety pins, a seam ripper and thimble.With this McNett Tactical Military Uniform Repair kit you'll be able to fixripped clothing, replace buttons, and hems or alter uniforms and equipment. A repair manual is included to help novice sewers make necessary repairs. And this compact sewing kit is made in the USA. Keep your uniform in top shape with this portable tactical sewing kit.

McNett Compact Tactical Sewing Kit Features:

  • Sewing Kit Contains High-Quality Threads and Needles
  • Military Buttons and Threads
  • Compact and Lightweight Travel Kit
  • Sew Clothing and Repair Rips and Tears
  • Includes Instructions and Repair Manual
  • Contains Thimble, Seam Ripper, Thread, Coyote Buttons, Sewing Needles, Straight Pins and Safety Pins
  • Made in USA

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