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Basic Issue M-1 Medium Olive Drab First Aid Kit
Basic Issue M-1 Medium Olive Drab First Aid Kit
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Military Olive Drab Medium First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen at any time. Be prepared for injuries with this M-1 Medium First Aid Kit!

This first aid kit comes in a convenient olive drab pouch that is secured by snaps. This military pouch also has a belt clip on the back so you can carry this first aid kit with you at all times. Perfect for working festivals and big events, out on a hiking or camping trip, or just keeping in your car or around the house in case of emergencies.

The contents of this emergency kit includes first aid essentials like bandages, adhesive, and alcohol wipes. Be prepared and order your M-1 Medium First Aid Kit today!

Military Olive Drab Medium First Aid Kit Contains:

  • 1 Military Bandage
  • One 2-Inches Steripad
  • Two 3-Inch Steripad
  • One 1/2-Inch Adhesive Tape Roll
  • Six 3/4 x 3-Inch bandages
  • Five 1.5 x 7/8-Inches Bandages
  • 1 Telfa 3 x 4-Inch Pad
  • 1 Comforming Bandage
  • 1 2-Pack Cotton Ball
  • 2 Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 2 Iodine PVP Prep Pad
  • 2 BZK Towelette
  • 2 Packs of Sugar
  • 1 1/2 Ounce Soap
  • 2 2-Aspirin Packages
  • 1 Pair Examination Gloves
  • Instructions Included

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