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Olive Drab 100 MPH Military Duct Tape
Olive Drab 100 MPH Military Duct Tape
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Olive Drab 100 MPH Military Grade Duct Tape

The Olive Drab 100 mph Duct tape is ready to fix any problem you have. This special military grade duct tape is perfect for any patch job big or small. Strong and durable, each roll of the OD mph tape has 60 yards of duct tape. Why is it called 100 MPH tape? During the Vietnam War this duct tape was used to repair helicopter rotor blades, thus earning its name! This duct tape can really fix anything!

Olive Drab Duct Tape Features:

  • Cloth duct tape
  • 2 inches x 60 yards
  • U.S. Made
  • Tactical Use
  • Rubber Adhesive

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