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Paintball Ghiillie Suit
Paintball Ghiillie Suit
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Paintball Ghillie Suit

This item is discontinued.

Designed for paintball, this military style Ghillie suit provides you with light weight concealment that can help you win the game. The Ghillie Suit is made with a lightweight netting that is designed to fit over all your paintball gear, including your helmet. It covers your head, shoulders, upper arms and torso with ease, and still allows for full mobility. The Paintball Ghillie Suit also comes with extra camouflage material and three applications of fire retardant.

Paintball Ghiillie Suit Features:

  • Ghillie material is tied into a netting that fits over the mask
  • Covers head, shoulders, upper arms and torso
  • Weighs only 3.5 lbs
  • Includes one additional pound of five colors of jute/burlap
  • Three applications of fire retardant.

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