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Patch Attach Fabric Glue
Patch Attach Fabric Glue
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Patch Attach Fabric Glue

Having a hole in your favorite coat, vest, shirt, or hat is a serious drag. With Patch Attach Fabric Glue itís easy to repair damaged clothing, tents, covers or anything else that needs mending. Itís even great for adding patches and insignia onto your uniforms. Patch Attach is fast and easy to use. Simply apply this fabric glue to whatever clothing you need mended and you get a permanent, washable repair. If you want to remove a patch, no worries, simply reheat the fabric and remove the patch without damaging the original fabric. Patch Attach can also be used to apply patches to your rain gear or tents. Keep your gear in good order, buy this glue online today!

Patch Attach Fabric Glue Features:

  • Bonds almost any patch to fabric
  • Permanent, washable and dry-cleanable
  • Can be removed by reheating
  • Non-toxic

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