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Survival Bug Out Emergency Pack
Survival Bug Out Emergency Pack
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Bug Out Survival Kit Emergency Pack

This item is discontinued.

If you don't already have a Bug Out Pack, you are way behind in your preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse! This Bug Out Emergency Pack contains everything that you will require for 3 days of basic survival.

Including drinking water packs for emergencies, food packs for emergencies, an emergency first aid kit, emergency blanket and sleeping bag, and much more!

Bug Out Backpack Features:

  • Everything you will need for 3-days of basic disaster survival
  • Contains: 6-Emergency drinking water packs (4.227 FL.OZ.), 9-S.O.S. Emergency food ration bars, 2 -gallon collapsible water bag, first aid card, emergency whistle, multipurpose tool, first aid kit, waterproof pill/match box, emergency blanket, emergency sleeping bag, 2-pack emergency poncho, steel fire starter, 50' utility cord, 10-yd duct tape, 3-light sticks, 2-P38 can openers, map compass, sewing kit, wire saw, 2-pack toilet tissue
  • Packed into useable sandbag with carry straps
  • Complete kit is vacuum sealed for protection
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