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Ultra Light Long Ghillie Jacket
Ultra Light Long Ghillie Jacket
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Ultra Light Ghillie Suit

Stay concealed no matter what mission your on with this lightweight Ghillie suit. Tough and lightweight, you can wear this camouflage suit all day with out being weighed down. The Military Style Ghillie Suit is made or a synthetic string material and netting that allows natural vegetation and materials to be added to it so it can be customized to fit any environment. In addition, this ghillie suit is fire, mildew, and water resistant making it perfect for any situation yo might find yourself in. This Ghillie suit in on sale now so get yours before its gone!

Ultra Light Ghillie Suit Jacket Features:

  • Synthetic string material attached to 3/4" netting
  • This long hooded jacket covers from head to boot
  • Hand-washable
  • Non-allergenic, fire, water, and mildew resistant
  • Natural vegetation and other materials can be added to better match the environment

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