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Undercover Tactical Handcuff Key Bracelet
Undercover Tactical Handcuff Key Bracelet
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Hidden Handcuff Key Bracelet

Looking for a great way to conceal your handcuff key in a easily accessible item? This Undercover Tactical Bracelet looks like your common gummy bracelet but is actually a bracelet with a concealed non-metallic handcuff key that you can grab whenever you may need it. The next time you catch a perp and you need to grab your handuff key fast, you'll be happy you bought this Hidden handcuff key bracelet!

Concealed Handcuff Key Bracelet Features:

  • A special emergency handcuff key for undercover operatives
  • A handcuff key is hidden inside a common 'Gummy Bracelet'
  • Non-Metallic construction that fits wrist up to 10 inches and can be cut down if needed
  • Made in the USA
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