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United States Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat DVD
United States Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat DVD
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U.S. Marine Corps Hand-to-Hand Combat Training DVD

Do you want to learn the same self-defense techniques as the indestructible United States Marines? Then this United States Marine Corps Hand-to-Hand Combat Training DVD is perfect for you!

This US Marine Corps Hand-to-Hand Combat DVD is a training tutorial on easy to learn, self-defense techniques that can be used in various martial arts systems and are taught to United States Marine Corps soldiers.

This type of combat training is referred to as L.I.N.E. training or "Linear Involuntary Neurological Override Engagement" which means that once these combat techniques are taught, practiced, and mastered, they will become involuntary reflexes in the case of an attack.

All of these training techniques are taught by USMC instructors at their training facility in San Diego, CA.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Training DVD-Marine Corps

  • L.I.N.E. training is the Marine Corps' version of Hand-to-Hand combat which is taught to all Marine Corps
  • Uses these unique methods of self-defense because they are easy to learn, extremely effective, and can be incorporated into other martial arts systems
  • L.I.N.E. training stands for "Linear Involuntary Neurological Override Engagement" which means, that once learned, these movements become automatic reflexes in reaction to physical assaults
  • These are the complete twelve lessons which will "arm" you with a variety of counter moves and counter strikes against physical attacks
  • All lessons taught in this program are taught by Marine Corps drill instructors at the Marine Corps' Recruit Training Center in San Diego, California and occur during actual L.I.N.E. Training classes
  • This program enables you to learn these Hand-to-Hand combat drills alongside Marine Corps' Recruits

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